Purina Equilibrium Trimax 20kg

Equilibrium Trimax is a high caloric, low glycemic, multi-particle feed for equine athletes and hard-keepers.
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Form: Pellet & Extruded Components

Weight: 20kg

Features & Benefits:

Equilibrium Trimax is a high caloric, low glycemic, multiparticle feed (contains pelleted and extruded components) for equine athletes and hard-keepers. Equilibrium Trimax utilizes the latest research on the nutritional requirements for optimal performance and gut health while minimizing "tying-up". Formulated with proven quality ingredients and manufactured exclusively by Cargill in a specialized drug‑free equine facility.


Feed Analysis:

Protein 12.00 %
Fat 12.00 %
Fiber 15.00 %
Calcium 0.75 %
Phosphorus 0.60 %
Sodium 0.60 %
Vitamin A 11050 I.U./kg
Vitamin D3 1655 I.U./kg
Vitamin E 300 I.U./kg
Selenium 0.40 ppm


Purina Trimax Fact Sheet

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