Purina Evolution Senior 20kg

Evolution Senior ideal for senior horses, ages 15 and up showing signs of age (weight loss/management).
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Form: Pellet & Extruded Components

Weight: 20kg

Features & Benefits:

Evolution Senior is a low glycemic, multiparticle feed (contains pelleted and extruded components) for senior horses. Evolution Senior utilizes the latest research on the vital requirements for mature horses with strong emphasis on immunity and overall health. Formulated with proven quality ingredients and manufactured exclusively by Cargill in a specialized drug‑free equine facility.


Feed Analysis:

Protein 14.00 %
Fat 6.00 %
Fiber 16.00 %
Calcium 0.60 %
Phosphorus 0.50 %
Sodium 0.40 %
Vitamin A 7600 I.U./kg
Vitamin D3 1310 I.U./kg
Vitamin E 220 I.U./kg
Selenium 0.40 ppm


Purina Senior Fact Sheet

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