Masterfeeds Krunch

Primarily developed for growth and development. Promotes weight gain, and caters towards fussy eaters.
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  • Available only in cube form.
    • The shape promotes thorough chewing and in turn, helps overall digestion, reduces dust and fines.
  • Contains 16% crude protein. 
    • Versatile feed which provides the amino acids essential for gestation and lactation, as well as rapid growth. Best choice for weight gain.
  • Contains a high level of calcium, phosphorus, trace minerals and vitamins.
    • Required for milk production, strong bones; to support sound growth, particularly during nursing, and at weaning.
  • Contains 70 mg/kg copper. 
    • Involved in hemoglobin formation and bone development, both important for good health of the mare, foal, stallion and yearling.
  • Provides added biotin. 
    • Involved in the integrity of the hoof, often stressed by the demands of competition.
  • Increased energy level. ​
    • Allows for weight gain. Total volume of feed required per day is a concentrated amount.


Feed Analysis:

Crude Protein (min)16.0%

Crude Fat (min)2.5%

Crude Fiber (max)8.5%

Calcium (act)1.1%

Phosphorus (act)0.9%

Magnesium (act)0.2%

Sodium (act)0.4%

Copper (act)70 mg/kg

Manganese (act)115 mg/kg

Zinc (act)200 mg/kg

Vitamin A (min)12,000 IU/kg

Vitamin D (min)1,200 IU/kg

Vitamin E (min)200 IU/kg

Biotin (added)1.1 mg/kg

Riboflavin (min)40 mg/kg

Thiamine (min)30 mg/kg

Lysine (act)0.75%

Methionine (act)

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