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Masterfeeds 17% Frisky Foal is an ideal choice as a supplement for nursing foals to introduce them to solid feed and help them to wean away from milk. The balanced protein, amino acids and energy levels, with a controlled starch content, and mineral vitamin fortification, encourage balanced growth for weanlings into their yearling year. The formulation helps reduce the incidence of developmental problems.


Available in pellet form.
Foals cannot separate the ingredients so nutrition is consistent in each mouthful.

Contains dehydrated alfalfa and molasses.
To assure a palatable ration for total consumption.

Low carbohydrate, low glycemic.
Helps in the reduction of developmental orthopaedic problems and provides a cool energy.

High level of trace minerals from organic sources (chelated).
More bio-available resulting in higher uptake of trace elements which are essential for the development of strong healthy joints.

High level of quality protein and lysine.
Improved growth and development.

Added yeast.
Improved digestion, promotes gut health and increased availability of nutrients.

High level of vitamin E and chelated trace minerals.
Improved immunity.

Highly fortified formulation.
Allows flexibility of feeding rates including a lower feeding rate for “easy keepers”.

Contains added B-vitamins.
Required by the young foal for growth and health as B-vitamins are not stored in the body.


Crude Protein (minimum)17.0%

Crude Fat (minimum)4.0%

Crude Fibre (maximum)17.0%

Calcium (actual)1.2%

Phosphorus (actual)0.9%

Magnesium (actual)0.25%

Sodium (actual)0.4%

Copper (actual)85 mg/kg

Manganese (actual)130 mg/kg

Zinc (actual)235 mg/kg

Vitamin A (minimum)14,000 IU/kg

Vitamin C (minimum)80 IU/kg

Vitamin D (minimum)1,400 IU/kg

Vitamin E (minimum)300 IU/kg

Biotin (added)1.3 mg/kg

Riboflavin (minimum)40 mg/kg

Thiamine (minimum)30 mg/kg

Lysine (actual)0.85%

Methionine (actual)

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