Shavings - Coarse

2.8 Cubic ft. Compressed, expands to up to 9 Cubic ft. 
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2.8 Cubic ft. Compressed

expands to 9 Cubic ft. 

Wood shavings are an excellent choice in barns - they help to reduce the amount of bacteria and odor, as well as labor and maintenance costs by being more absorbent than traditional bedding. Our wood shavings are free of dust, a known carcinogen in animals, which make them safe for use indoors. Wood shavings are biodegradable and are environmentally friendly and are a cleaner alternative for animal bedding.

  • Contains only 100% natural softwood
  • Free of dust and debris.
  • Bags are compressed to 2.8 cu.ft, and expand roughly 3 times the compressed volume
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