Purina SuperFibra Ultra

Feed for maintenance, exercising horses and more
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Form: Pellet

Weight: 25kg

SuperFibra Ultra is a versatile feed low in sugar/starch (NSC - nonstructural carbohydrates) in a pellet format. SuperFibra Ultra is a complete feed designed to meet the needs of maintenance, exercising, breeding horses and yearlings that require a low sugar/ starch diet. SuperFibra Ultra is formulated with certified quality ingredients and is manufactured exclusively in our specialized and drug-free facility in Strathroy, Ontario.

Protein 13.00 %

Fat  6.00 %

Fibre 18.00 %

Calcium 0.85 %

Phosphorus 0.55 %

Sodium 0.60 %

Vitamin A 6500 I.U./kg

Vitamin D 31200 I.U./kg

Vitamin E 220 I.U./kg

Selenium 0.30 ppm

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