Purina Apple Chunks

Purina Apple Chunks can be fed to all horses as a digestible high fibre treat. Do not feed free‑choice. Apple Chunk is not a complete feed and should not be fed as one.
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Highly palatable- Readily consumed, even by the most finicky horses.

Contains apple pomace (apples from which the juice was pressed out) - Digestible fibre source, A pleasant aroma horses love.

Chunk form- Slows down rate of intake, Eliminates waste, Easy to handle and carry, Easy to use in training sessions.

Ideal for horses of all ages- Makes for a perfect treat for all the horses in the barn.

Manufactured in a facility with high standards of biosecurity and quality- Consistent quality feed.

Manufactured in a 100% drug‑free facility- No risk of a detrimental drug contamination, Peace of mind.

Manufactured in Canada- Minimizes transport cost, Optimizes freshness.

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