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ELECTROLYTE CONCENTRATE is an Essential Mineral Replacement formula that is easy to administer with meal or to the drinking water. If adding to drinking water, have fresh un-supplemented water available as well.
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Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to administer
  • E-Concentrate is test free in all events
  • E-Concentrate is safe to feed to pregnant mares
  • E-Concentrate is convenient in water or top dressed on grain.
  • E-Concentrate may offer aid in Tying-Up and other dehydration symptoms.
  • Enjoy the many benefits of using this product as an all-in-one electrolyte formula.

Other Information:

  • Ensure un-supplemented water is also available
  • Offer free choice salt to ensure adequate intake of electrolytes.
  • To replace mineral losses accurately, the supplement should have the major electrolytes sodium, potassium and chloride present in proportions that mimic those of sweat
    • Correct ratio is 1:2:4 - potassium:sodium:chloride. The quantity of electrolytes the horse needs depends on how much sweat he loses. Sweat losses during exercise vary, from about 2 quarts to over 10 quarts/hour. In terms of sodium lost, this amounts to anywhere from 5 to 25 grams/hour.


Potassium Chloride 11,479mg
Potassium 25% 2,870mg
Chloride 75% 8,610mg
Dicalcium Phosphate 5,743 mg
Calcium 12% 690 mg
Phosphorous 8% 459.44 mg
Proteins 80% 4593.56 mg
Sodium Chloride 11,479 mg 
Sodium 64% 7,346.56 mg
Chloride 4,132.44 mg
Magnesium (Proteinate) 5,315 mg 
Magnesium 5% 266 mg
Chelated Amino Acids 5,049 mg


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