Hoof Doctor

100% ALL-NATURAL HOOF CARE Maintains proper moisture in any climate Helps to dry and heal open abscessing areas Aid to more durable soles Aid to kill bacteria and fungus Helps to solve most hoof problems
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  • Thrush and Cankers
  • Quarter Crack (an aid to kill the bacteria in cracks)
  • Hoof Wall Cracks
  • Corns and Sole Bruises
  • Abscesses (an aid to kill the bacteria & dryes)
  • Seedy Toe / White Line Disease (an aid to kill the bacteria in cracks)
Hoof Doctor is an All Natural product with a main ingredients called Betulin, it derived from Birch Bark Tree, along with Organic Omega 3 Oil are excellent in maintaining proper moisture levels for healthy hoofs. 
Organic Omega 3 Oil,& Vitamins A&D formulation helps with hoof condition such as Quarter Crack, Hoof Abscesses,Thrush and Cankers, it also reduces sensitivity & pain.
This product can be used by horse owner, and professional farriers, as a weekly treatment and to treat more sever condition.
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