Country Junction Feeds Hoffmans ProFat

An 18% fat level supplemental ration for horses needing more body condition
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  • An 18% fat level supplemental ration for horses needing more body condition  
    • This includes senior horses as well as horses needing higher levels of energy
  • Designed to be fed as a top dress 
    • ProFat is designed to be fed as a top dress with the ration you are already feeding at a rate of 1-4 lbs/day
  • Low NSC and starches  
    • No sugars, grains, or any other starches added
    • NSC- 17%
  • Fat Based Energy Sources
    • By using fat as the energy source it gives your horse a long-lasting, cool energy. This allows your horse to perform with a more collected mind. 
  • Fat Digestion Aid 
    • This fat digestion aid increases fat absorption and digestion which allows the horse to receive full utilization of the fat sources quickly.
  • Diamond V® Yeast 
    • Diamond V® Yeast helps support the hindgut by enhancing bacteria growth which enables better digestion by the horse
  • ZinPro® Complexed Minerals 
    • These chelated trace minerals make the minerals more biologically available to the horse.
  • Organic Selenium
    • Organic selenium helps ensure better absorption and much better utilization within the body 
  • Pelleted  
    • Consistent intake and nutrient levels formulated using quality ingredients
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