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Hoffman’s BiAaMuGen Horse Protein Top Dress is a part of the Hoffman’s line of equine feeds.
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  • Targeted Amino Acid Nutrition
    • Muscle tissue is constantly being built (anabolic reaction) and being broken down (catabolic reaction). The difference between anabolic and catabolic reactions in muscle tissue is muscle growth. With BiAaMuGen, we supply nutrients to support (near) maximum anabolic reactions and at the same time supply nutrients to inhibit (slow down) catabolic reactions. The net result is more muscle synthesis
  • For best results feed BiAaMuGen 3 days ON and 1 day OFF
    • The reasoning being that the body becomes more efficient if it perceives that there is a shortage of the nutrient(s)
  • BiAaMuGen is to be used to build a strong and healthy muscle mass on your horse
    • BiAaMuGen's purpose focuses solely on building muscle
  • Uses high quality amino acid balanced protein
    • To achieve optimal muscle build
  • Can be used for a variety of horses needing additional muscle mass during training
    • Young horses beginning training, performance horses getting back in shape, and during times of heavy competition
  • Can be easily added to your horse’s current ration
  • Pelleted
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