Gastra-FX, 1L

Helps Maintain A Healthy Intestinal Tract
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Omega Alpha Gastra-FX is a liquid supplement that supports the stomach and treats gastrointestinal problems in horses. This all-natural formulation uses an assortment of herbal ingredients to normalize the stomach functions by soothing and healing the gut. The process of soothing the gut also works to reduce inflammation in the digestive tract. 

Omega Alpha Gastra-FX is in a liquid form for optimal absorption that makes it easy to dispense orally to your horse. This container comes with 32 ounces of the supplement to allow continuous administration, which is recommended for horses so long as they are not in foal. Promote a healthy stomach in your horse. 

Key Features:

  • Treats ulcers and other stomach and gastrointestinal problems
  • Soothes gut and relieves inflammation of digestive tract
  • Comes with 32 ounces of liquid supplement


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