Equine Kidney Flush, 1L

Supports normal kidney function
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Omega Alpha Equine Kidney Flush increases blood flow to the kidneys and cleanses it of harmful toxins. This solution contains only natural ingredients that act as anti-inflammatory agents, diuretics, and sources of important nutrients. The herbs included in this formulation contain antioxidants that fortify kidney tissue. The solution's liquid form makes it easy to administer to horses and allows for optimal absorption. 

Omega Alpha Equine Kidney Flush should be administered every 3 months to keep your horse healthy and decrease your horse's risk of developing kidney failure. This container comes with 32 ounces of this fluid flush to treat horses over a 15-day period. 

Key Features:

  • Detoxifies kidneys with all-natural ingredients
  • Liquid solution allows for optimal absorption by horse and makes administration simple
  • Contains natural diuretics, anti-inflammatory agents, antioxidants


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