Corral Sun Power S2 Solar Energizer

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  • very effective compact solar device
  • ideal for hose paddocks and smaller fence systems without vegetation
  • function control LED (flashes green)
  • battery control LED (also flashes red when battery voltage < 11.6V)
  • deep discharge protection for battery voltage < 11.2V - (if activated => only red flashing)
  • ON/OFF switch
  • micro-controller controlled
  • integrated lightning protection
  • intelligent battery management – device functions even during long periods of
  • poor weather conditions (up to 4 weeks)
  • excellent level of efficiency – thus longer battery life
  • very robust, weather-resistant housing


  • 12V, 4 Ah battery and 3 W solar module
  • 120V mains charger adapter
  • integrated battery charge regulation
  • ground and fence connection cable and ground spike


0,25 JOULE 10,500 VOLT 2,800 VOLT 6 KM
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