Buckeye Ultimate Finish100 20lb

99% Fat Supplement
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Form: Granular

Weight: 20lb

Features & Benefits:

  • Hard Keepers
    • Provides dense calories without feeding more grain
  • Performance
    • Supplies cool calories, supporting endurance
  • Reproduction
    • Ideal for pregnant/lactating mares and breeding stallions
  • Sales & Show Prep
    • Helps bring out a slick and shiny coat
  • Growing
    • Supports steady and optimum growth rates
  • Seniors & Picky Eaters
    • Highly palatable and digestible calorie source
  • Targeted Nutrition
    • No NSC (starch + sugar), ideal for carb-sensitive horses, EPSM and metabolic disorders
  •  Excellent source of calories for weight gain
  • Rich in fatty acids to promote a full, shiny coat
  • No starch and sugar

Feed Analysis:

Crude Fat, Minimum 99.00%
Total Fatty Acids, Maximum 94.00%
Free Fatty Acids, Maximum 1.00%
Unsaponifiable Matter, Max. 1.50%
Insoluble Impurities, Max. 0.50%
Moisture, Maximum 0.60%


Buckeye Ultimate Finish100

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