Equine AntiFlam, 1L

Supports sound feet and joints
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Omega Alpha Equine AntiFlam uses all-natural ingredients to provide relief from joint pain and body aches in horses. This treatment is perfect for back aches, joint pain, sore legs and hooves, and inflammation. It also works to repair damaged tissue, to strengthen capillaries, and to reduce swelling in ligaments and joints and prevent any future swelling that might affect them. 

Omega Alpha Equine AntiFlam supplies the body with sulphur to use in biochemical reactions that are important to relieve pain and to reduce inflammation. This product comes with 32 ounces of the liquid to be administered orally. Improve your horse's quality of life and restore mobility by ordering Equine AntiFlam today! 

Key Features:

  • Relieves joint pain, sore muscles, and backaches
  • Anti-inflammatory in joints and ligaments
  • Contains 32oz


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