Prime Hemp Seed Oil Canine 1L

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How can Prime Hemp help your dog?

Reduces Joint Pain
Hemp can help seniors to gain mobility again and move freely. Studies show positive results from using hemp for dogs and other pets suffering from painful joints, arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other diseases that hinder mobility. One of the unique and primary components of Hemp is gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). An essential fatty acid with unprecedented anti-inflammatory benefits.

Improves Skin and Coat
A healthy coat enables the skin to better resist infection. Adding Hemp Seed Oil to the diet will supply essential fatty acids that are required by the hair follicle to lubricate the hair. Hemp Seed Oil promotes cellular growth and prevents rashes, eczema, and allergies.

Treats Anxiety and Phobias
If your dog suffers from anxiety, gets stressed out when travelling or is afraid of fireworks or thunderstorms, hemp supplements can be an impressive support. Separation anxiety is widespread in dogs and some unexplainable fears or phobias may be the result of past abuse. Hemp has unique anti-anxiety qualities that can assist with calming stress and obsessive behaviors.

Promotes Heart Health
Hemp strengthens the immune system and supports healthy organs and heart health. It contains the minerals iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, vitamins, and a variety of antioxidants. Recent studies have demonstrated that hemp promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, thanks to its protein, fiber, and healthy fat content.

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