Pet Supplements

Riva's Remedies Magnesium Citrate (Dog and Cat)

A nutrient for dogs suffering from muscle tension, spasms or seizures

Elite three Self Measure Hemp Oil, 32oz

The health benefits of adding hemp oil to your dogs diets has shown huge improvements both physically and mentally.

Riva's Remedies Gastricol (Dog and Cat)

Gastricol is a safe, fast-acting homeopathic liquid for dogs with gas, bloating or upset tummy's

Riva's Remedies Calm-Aid (Dog and Cat)

Calm-Aid is a safe, fast acting homeopathic liquid for dogs with situational anxiety that leads to barking, quivering, crying, cowering or peeing

Riva's Remedies Metabolsim Drops (Dog and Cat, Sugar Metabolsim)

Blood Sugar Formula is a safe, fast-acting homeopathic liquid for dogs with blood sugar imbalances

Ultra Oil Skin & Coat Supplement

Ultra Oil is the most effective way to relieve hot spots, allergic breakouts and other skin and coat irritations. Ultra Oil also relieves joint pain, dryness and excessive shedding.

Purica Recovery SA Chewable Tablets

Delicious flavoured chewable tablets
This formula is exactly the same as RecoverySA tablets with the addition of 7.5 mg of hyaluronic acid (HA) per dose.

Riva's Remedies Pro Colon (dog & cat)

Pro-Colon is a high quality prebiotic and probiotic. It is an ideal choice if your dog suffers from diarrhea, yeast infections or is having trouble gaining weight.

Riva's Remedies Arnica Rub (Dog&Cat)

Soothing homeopathic rub for dogs with soreness, swellings, inflammation or bruising

Riva's Remedies Digestive Drops (Dog&Cat)

A fast acting homeopathic liquid formula for dogs that are suffering from chronic diarrhea

Riva's Remedies Vitamin E (Dog and Cat)

Vitamin E is a key nutrient for dogs that are struggling with muscle weakness, bad coordination, dry/damaged skin and vision problems

Riva's Remedies Vitamin C (Dog and Cat)

Vitamin C will help your dog fight infections, repair broken bones and heal wounds. Vitamin C is also an extremely powerful natural anti-biotic and anti-viral.

Riva's Remedies Vitamin B12 (Dog and Cat)

Vitamin B12 is the perfect nutrient choice for dogs that are showing signs of staggering, muscle weakness, seizures, low energy levels or depression

Riva's Remedies Kava's Primrose Oil

Kava's Primrose Oil is an essential fatty acid that is extremely beneficial for dogs experiencing hair loss, inflammation or dry, itchy skin

Riva's Remedies Iron Up (Dog and Cat)

Iron is an essential nutrient for dogs that are suffering from Anemia, fatigue or chronic infections

Riva's Remedies Bone Up (Dog and Cat)

Bone-up for dogs is specifically formulated for large breeds or senior dogs that are experiencing hind-end weakness and/or stiff, sore joints

Riva's Remedies Vac-Aid (dog & cat)

Vac-Aid is a safe, fast-acting for dogs with acute or chronic vaccine reactions

Riva's Remedies Injur-Ease (Dog and Cat)

Fast-acting homeopathic liquid for dogs with sprains, strains, bone breaks or nerve and muscle trauma

Riva's Remedies Infection Drops (Dog and Cat)

Infection Drops is a safe, fast-acting homeopathic liquid for dogs with infections, wounds, discharges or abscesses

Riva's Remedies Winter Flu-Ease (Dog&Cat)

Flu-Ease is a safe, fast-acting homeopathic liquid for dogs with a mucus discharge, fever, cough or congestion

Riva's Remedies Bladder Drops

Homeopathic liquid for dogs that have weak bladders resulting in frequent peeing or dribbling