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BioChrome is a 100% chelated chromium. This product contains no extra ingredients and has no fillers. Horses that struggle with IR, metabolic challenge and Cushing's Disease have found that supplementation with chromium improved glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. Results showed horses over time gradually lost stubborn fat pads and fat pockets and maintained muscle condition. Studies have shown performance horses also see advantages with supplementation of chromium having decreased lactate levels during exercise, therefore reducing muscle fatigue when intense work is asked of the horse.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Chromium (actual) ............... 1000 mg/kg

Chromium yeast dehydrated.

Directions for use:
Feed 2 to 8 g per 100 kg body weight mixed into the horse’s daily ration. This product does not contain added salt; supplementary salt will be
required. Thoroughly mix this supplement into the total diet or daily ration before use. Do not feed undiluted. Forage should be provided with
clean fresh water at all times.

1. Directions for use must be carefully followed.
2. Store in a dry and clean area free from pests.
3. Provide clean, fresh water at all times.

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